DC power for the Station.

10/7/07, I am still working on my amateur station, I have arrived at the point of choosing a new DC power supply, and DC Distribution Panel for my station. In the past, I usually just connect everything to a couple of different power supplies with ring terminals, and left it at that. However, I have decided that for my new amateur radio installation station, I am going to purchase a large single supply, and run all of my equipment that requires DC off of a distribution panel mounted to the back of my operating desk. I have narrowed down the DC supply to either a Astron 7o amp linear supply, a Daiwa 50 amp switching supply, or the new MFJ 75 amp switching supply. The Astrons have always been fairly good, but they do tend to generate some annoying low frequency physical noise from vibration. The switchers tend to be physically quiet but some can and do generate RF noise. I am still researching my options on the net and reading the reviews on eham (http://www.eham.net/reviews), but I haven't quite read enough information to make me decide on one particular supply over another. The DC distribution panel is also a consideration, MFJ offers many panels with different configurations (Bare Wire, Spade, Ring, Banana, Powerpole), but the MFJ stuff sometimes leaves a little to be desired in the area of quality. The powerpole rig runner line from West Mountain radio looks ok, but I have read a lot of complaints about the powerpoles pulling loose from the panel because there is no way to secure the connection. I am considering home brewing something and may go that route. I believe that I can custom build something that will be far superior to what is currently being offered by the commercial vendors, but time is always a consideration. I hope to get my station completed before the end of the year, but work/personal commitments do tend to limit the time available for me to complete this task, 73 de Jim AB4D.