New Astron VS-70M

11/10/07, A new Astron VS-70M arrived a few weeks ago and I finally got around to putting it into my power supply cabinet. Comparatively, the VS-70M is much quieter out of the box than the Astron RS-20M that I own, which I modified last month to resolve a issue with vibration noise. I expect the VS-70M to be a fixture at my station for many years to come. A special note of interest for those who wished the meters were lighted on Astron supplies, the VS-70M has lighted meters. I wrote a review in greater detail about this supply, my review can be viewed at I may order another one of these supplies at some point in the future to power solid state VHF/UHF amplifiers at AB4D. For those who may not be familiar with Astron supplies, I have included a photo. For distributing the DC power to my operating position, I intended to build my own DC power distribution panel. However, due to time constraints, I decided instead to purchase a commercially made unit from West Mountain Radio. The new power panel is rated for 80 amps and utilizes Anderson Power Pole type connectors. Once I get everything wired I will post a photo and give better details of the equipment used at AB4D. Although, I will say that a majority of my equipment is manufactured by Yaesu. As I write this, I am concerned about the recent news of Motorola acquiring an 80% interest in Vertex Standard, and the uncertainty of what the future may hold for Yaesu. I hope that it will turn out to be a positive result for Yaesu, rather than a negative.

73 Jim.