Not much progress....

I haven't done much to the amateur station lately. I still only have up the one dipole, so I have not been very active on any bands, except 75/80 meter phone. You can usually hear me in the evenings on 3938 checking into the North Carolina Single Sideband Net at 7:30 pm EST, there is a period of ragchew before and after the net, which is usually quite lively. Lately, I have been busy painting and performing other chores around the house, so that leaves little time for working on my station. I had some spare cash earmarked for my amateur activities, so I took the oppourtunity to installed an Inrad roofing filter and a pair of Inrad 2.1 khz filters into my Mark-V, one for each of the IF's. I did not notice any big change in the receiver from the roofing filter. However, it does seem to make the rig a little more selective, and the IF shift does seem to work much better on offending signals, as I noticed that it takes very little twisting of the IF shift to eliminate signals that are as close as 3 khz away. I have begun to think about experimenting with my transmitted audio, and would like to try out a few different microphones. I recently acquired a Radio Shack Grayline microphone (33-3001). Reviews about the Grayline on eham have been favorable, but I have not yet tested this microphone on the air. I have not yet decided on a tower but will give it more thought as I get closer to placing an order. Nevertheless,
I recently saw a photo of a Alpha 9500 amplifier, and now I am distracted at to whether I want to spend the funds first for the tower and installation, or for a new Alpha 9500 amplifier and pick up a tower later. Now most hams would say "are you crazy, put the money in the antenna system first", and that is probably what I will do...but the Alpha 9500 is just a beautiful piece of equipment and keeps getting in the way of my decision making process. Decisions Decisions???

I will be attending my first hamfest of the Year, the Vienna, VA Wireless Society's WinterFest on February 24, 2008. This hamfest moved a few years ago from Vienna, VA to a better facility in Annandale, VA, which IMO really affected how good it was, going from excellent to fair, go figure. However, it has been recovering year after year and has been getting better as time goes on. It is mostly indoors, so for this time of year it is a plus, I hope to pick up a few odds and ends there this year. You can find out more information about the fest here. I hope to see you there!