Spring is almost here....

Today the temperature rose up into the low 70's for the first time in a few months, I did a little checking on my dipole antenna today, and everything seems to be weathering well. I have been getting a little RF affecting a few things around the house so I re-routed my 450 feed line to see if it would resolve the issue. As planned, I attended the Vienna Winterfest, however it was a tad disappointing. There was very little to look at that I would call worthy to own ham gear, and almost no vendors, and the tailgating section was better than the indoor tables. I went with the expectation of at least trying to find some nice ceramic HV feed-through connectors to run my ladder line through a wall, but I did not see any at all. The highlight of the day was meeting a few of the fellows I've talked to on 3938, Jay W4HYI, Danny WA4SDE, David N4SOR, Glen AB3GU, and his son. It was a fun day, but it would have been a lot better if the temperature had been a little warmer.

I have been trying to find some decent ceramic feed through insulators, but they getting very hard to find when compared to the past. I was able to locate some on-line, but the cost is phenomenal because you have to purchase them in bulk. I was quoted a price of $365.00 for 10 insulators. Instead, I decided to purchase some fence post insulators, they are much more economical at $5.00 for 25, and should do the job nicely, after I add my own stainless steel hardware. In comparison with the price I was quoted for electronics grade insulators, they are a steal.