The IC7700....

A new Icom IC-7700 arrived at the station and it really is a nice radio. However, is it that much ($3000.00 dollars worth) better than the other rigs that I use as my main transceivers (Yaesu FT-1000 MkV/Yaesu FT-1000D)? My initial observation is the 7700's receiver's noise floor seems to be considerable lower, the DSP is much more flexible, and the transmitted audio is more flexible as well. But can it hear better than my other radios? That is the question I will be asking myself and trying to answer once I get some considerable multi-band use out of the rig and A-B the two radios side by side. The only antenna I have up at this time is a dipole fed with ladder line for 75 meters, so it will be interesting to compare the two rigs on this simple antenna. Currently, I just don't have the desk space for this very large radio (17" X 17"), so I had to spend some time in the shop building an additional oak wood shelf for the new rig. The shelf is completed and I have it stained. However, I am waiting for the weather to be more cooperative before I put on several coats of clear polyurethane.

I was recently advised by Molly, W0MOM, of Alpha Radio, that my amplifier should be delivered by the end of the month. I will post my initial opinion of the amplifier once it arrives at my station.

As a note of caution/advice to anyone else who may have a wood operating position. Beware of the rear rubber feet pads on the IC-7700. I placed this rig on a wood side table for a few days and impression of the rear feet bled into the poly finish on the table top. So I also have to refinish that as well.

I recently added a surplus flat panel monitor to the IC-7700, below is a screen shot of the display...