A new configuration for the station....

Hello All,

The last few months have been somewhat exciting concerning my amateur radio station. The station has really begun to come together as I envisioned. I have been rearranging things, building additional furniture to house new equipment, and have been working on the interoperability between the various pieces of equipment . An Alpha 9500 amplifier arrived late in July, and it has been working just as expected. At first, I was concerned about the amount of fan noise generated by the amplifier (really loud!). However, in true fashion that is the hallmark of Alpha Radio, Alpha provided a new fan modification kit free of charge to the current owners of the Alpha 9500. The kit substantially reduced the amount of fan noise from the amp. I was honored by Molly Hardman, W0MOM, President of Alpha Radio Products, by being asked, along with another individual, to field install one of the very first kits and to provide Alpha with feedback about the installation. The installation, although time consuming, was fairly straight forward. I posted information about the installation on the Yahoo Alpha 9500 reflector board, you can read more about it here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Alpha9500/message/190

The Alpha 9500 is a nice efficient auto tune amplifier, and it makes legal limit with about 45 watts of drive, it will remain an integral part of my station for a very long time. I will continue to work on the station throughout the fall and winter, and will be on the air as free time allows.

Not much else to add at this time. As they say, a photograph is worth a thousand words, so here are a few of the reconfigured station for those who may be interested. I will be experimenting with a few microphones and maybe some audio enhancement equipment in the future. I will post something about the subject after I have used this type of equipment for awhile.

Thanks for stopping by.