When it rains it pours...

So they say. We recently had two days of severe wind here which caused me to lose my feed line connection to my only operating antenna, along with some roof damage to my home. I spent yesterday (2/15/09) repairing the feed line and installing new shingles on the roof. The antenna is now operational again.

It has also been chilly inside the shack/house for the past few days due to failure of my heat pump system. The system is only 8 years old, but it has been nothing but trouble from day one. My HVAC contractor has informed me that my return ducting/heat pump system is sized too small for my home (which continually stressed the system), and the latest failure is due to the outside compressor developing a difficult to repair leak in the outside coil, therefore a replacement is in order at an estimated cost of $5,000 to $6,000 dollars. Unfortunately, the replacement of the HVAC system has caused another delay in obtaining a suitable tower for the station. So as they say, "when it rains, it pours"

On another note...

I see that the FCC has finally filled the position for a new enforcement person, Laura L. Smith. I wish her all the best in her new position and hope she continues the FCC's proactive approach to amateur enforcement.

Icom is preparing to release the next generation of a mid-priced HF transceiver, the IC-7600, therefore signalling the end of the "Pro" series line of transceivers. It appears that it is going to be another popular addition to Icom's line of HF rigs with its IC 7800/7700 styling and improved display. Gone is the analog meter from the front panel, but I do see that Icom did include a provision to add an outboard meter instead. A glimpse of the rig can be viewed here, courtesy of Adam, AB4OJ http://www.ab4oj.com/icom/ic7600/main.html

In my spare time, I have continued to work on my key box project. I have stained and clear coated the box but have yet to begin the electro-mechanical aspects of the project.

Here is a photo of the keybox I constructed, size is about 4 1/4 square....