Spring has come to the Shenandoah Valley...

Spring has finally arrived, and my thoughts once again have turned towards antennas and towers. I recently approached the local zoning authority concerning erecting a tower that I have in storage, 59 feet of new Rohn 25G and a Glen Martin Hazer. However, I was a little shocked to find that my county does not have an ordinance in place which differentiates between a simple TV antenna support, an amateur radio antenna support, or a huge commercial microwave tower. All antenna support structures are treated the same. In my opinion, the ordinance is too restrictive, requiring things such as payment of a $500.00 conditional use permit application, the applicant has to show that there are no other alternative means to support the antenna, the applicant is required to execute a letter of intent to allow others to share the tower, the tower is not more than the minimum to accomplish the required coverage, screening and camouflaging must be utilized, and electronic fields radiated must be in compliance with ANSI. The county further requires annual inspections of the tower by a professional tower inspection service. For an amateur, annual inspections by a professional can become cost prohibitive over time.

I have asked K4GM, an ARRL Volunteer Counsel, who was successful in persuading the county of Stafford, Virgina to add appropriate language to their zoning ordinances, which accommodates amateur radio, to look at my situation too and perhaps offer some advice of how to proceed. I will post an update about the situation when I know more about what may become a long saga, but time will tell.

I took some photos of the flowers and flowering trees on my property which signify spring. Enjoy the photos...73 AB4D.