More on the AB4D switch project...

I've finally received the corrected panels for the switch box. They did a great job based on the information I provided, but I still missed that auxiliary was spelled incorrectly on the front and rear panels, so that was my fault and I can live with it. I now have most of the parts I need to complete the project, except for a few minor hardware items which I will purchase locally.

This morning, I began working on the enclosure. I like to work with wood vs. metal because I have the tools for wood working, therefore the enclosure is going to be made of wood. I also like the nostalgia look of radios and equipment housed in wood cabinets. Most of my station furniture is made from red oak, so I chose that species for the enclosure.

Well it is afternoon and I finished building the enclosure. I almost have it ready to sand and stain. The only task left to do is to locate a small speaker and grille to install in the top of the cabinet for the ten minute timer (hard to find items). For RFI protection, I have lined the inside of the enclosure with aluminum flashing, and all the critical wiring will have a ferrite bead installed on each lead. This should give the circuitry adequate protection from any RFI, although RFI has never been an issue at AB4D. I keep a small field strength meter in the shack to monitor any stray RF, but I have never seen the movement indicate any RF unless I touch the antenna for the detector while transmitting at legal limit.

Here is a photo of the cabinet and one of the rear panel being test fitted for the opening...73