Quick note...

Greetings, not much new here that is amateur radio related. After spending the winter clearing snow from all of the big snow storms that hit the east cost, the snow has mostly all but melted away, except for the mountains near my home.

I finally received clarification from my local community, that I DO NOT need a conditional use permit to erect a tower (thank you PRB-1), but the tower must meet the stringent requirements that the tower can withstand a 3 second gust of wind at 90 mph with a 1/2 inch radial coating of ice. I have been in contact with US Tower obtaining specs on their towers. I have narrowed it down between an HDX-555 or a HDX-572. I've already received information from U.S. Towers concerning the HDX-555. According to the engineer, the HDX-555 can handle 12.5 feet of wind loading under the parameters noted above.

I've strongly considered using the HDX-555, but I believe a taller tower is better suited to fill my future needs. I would like to someday have a Yagi for 40 meters, and IMO 55 feet will not work quite work as well as 72 in regard to the radiation pattern. I also believe that a motor drive will be appreciated in the future, which is standard on the HDX-572. I've read a few comments from older hams who own crank up towers, quite a few indicate that they wished they had purchased the motor drive, so it is a strong consideration for me, not so much now, but in 15 years or so, I will be glad I have it.