Update on the tower project...

For the station, I finally made a decision to acquire a new U.S. Tower HDX 572MDPL. In April 2010, I contacted U.S. Tower to obtain the plans and engineering documents for the tower. However, I am still waiting for the plans with an engineering "wet" stamp for the state of Virginia. Over the past few months, a representative from U.S. Tower has promised that the plans would be available soon, and finally committed to a date of Friday, July 9th. However, I did not receive a call or email this past Friday (July 9th). I will wait another few days and inquire once again. Hopefully, the plans will be ready soon which will allow me to begin the building application process.


Update: As of July 18th 2010, I still do not have the plans. However, I have been told that the plans are in the mail from the engineer to U.S. Tower. Once the plans are received from the engineer and after payment, the plans will be on their way to me.