Winter comes to the Shenandoah Valley...

Not much new to report about station AB4D. The tower project is near completion, with only the ground rods left to install, and the final building inspection. The temperatures here have been near freezing for several weeks. I believe it will be difficult to install the ground rods at this point in time. Therefore, I am waiting until spring to install the ground system.

I have not been very active on the radio, instead I have been working around my home performing some remodeling. Nevertheless, ham radio is never too far out of my mind. I have been giving consideration to the first HF antenna to install on the new tower.

I have seriously thought about several antennas, including the Tennadyne T12 10-30HD, a log periodic design, and the Hygain TH11DX a five band yagi. I am not sure which antenna will make the final cut, but the Tennadyne is the current front runner.

I've given consideration to the Steppir antennas, and am intrigued by the design. However, all those electro-mechnical moving parts just seem like a component failure waiting to happen. I know others have reported using the Steppir without any issues, but until one of these antennas gets to be 30+ years old without any issues, like some of the old Mosely beams, I won't become a believer.