AB4D prepares to go mobile....


I recently began the process of outfitting my truck with communications gear and updating the electronics. The vehicle is a 2008 Toyota Tundra I acquired new several years ago, but have not driven too much. Current mileage is just over 3K. It seemed to make sense to start with the hardest part, installing the cab mounted antenna mounts that require drilling holes in the roof.

I like versatility, therefore I decided to install a Motorola NMO mount, a Comet UHF mount, and a heavy duty custom made 3/8 thread mount. The installation required dropping the headliner. While I had the headliner down, I lined the roof with sound deadened made by Second Skin Audio http://www.secondskinaudio.com/vibration-mat/damplifier-pro.php . It has made the cab noticeably quieter. I also strengthened the roof sheet metal by adding steel rods between the rear support and mid-cab support, attaching to the roof and supports with silicone sealer.

I now have the antenna mounts installed. The next stage is to install a new audio system, a Kenwood head unit DNX 9960. I am not a big audiophile, but I liked the features on the Kenwood, with the built-in Garmin GPS, its ability to sync via blue tooth with my cellular telephone for hands free calling, and control my Ipod Touch. I received the DNX 9960 as a gift several months ago, so I am eager to install the unit. I also acquired a new Yaesu FTM-350R with the optional remote GPS receiver/antenna unit. Both GPS antennas will be installed under a grille in the dash for best reception.

Long term plans include the installation of a Kenwood TS-480 HF mobile transceiver with screwdriver type antenna, amplifier for HF, and a VHF amplifier for the 1.25 cm band, to boost the 220 mhz output of the 350R close to 25 watts.


Installed Antenna Mounts...