More on the Mobile...

I continue to work on my mobile ham radio installation for my 2008 Toyota Tundra.  I have acquired two transceivers for the mobile, a Yaesu FTM-350R and Kenwood 480SAT.  To install the head units, I decided to sacrifice one of the console cup holders, and convert it to a mounting platform.  To perform this task, I created a cup shaped oak wood form, which I stained black and secured to the cup holder using a screw and fender washer from underneath. To the platform, I affixed a RAM brand mounting arm with plates

To mount the control heads to the RAM plate, I used a flat 3 x 5 plate made from black 1/4 inch Delrin to serve as an adapter.  The FTM-350 uses a single screw to mount the control head, which made the task of mounting it very easy.

However, the TS-480 uses a propitiatory mount that had to be modified and riveted to the Delrin plate. The TS-480 head uses a spring metal compression slide mount to mate the head to the factory supplied mounting bracket.   To modify the mount, I had to remove two threaded mounting ears and drill two holes in the front of the mount. This allowed the bracket to sit flush on the Delrin plate, while still maintaining enough clearance for the control head to slide and lock onto the factory bracket. 

The final assembly appears to function very well. It is rigid, yet allows me the freedom to swivel the control heads to any angle and position, a big plus.   The next task will be installing the control lines for the radios, and a remote microphone line for the TS-480.