The M2 6M5XHP

Today, I was able to assemble the first of three Yagi style antennas that I plan to soon install on my tower.  The antenna is an M2 6M5XHP, a five element beam for the six meter band.  The antenna seems to be designed OK, but the elements and boom could be a little more robust.

In the past, I owned a 5 element six meter beam from Cushcraft.  On that antenna, the elements are made from larger tubing and the elements are attached to the boom by heavy stainless steel saddle clamps.  The M2 antenna uses smaller tubing for the elements, and they are attached to an aluminum block with a single screw, and the block is attached to the boom by another single screw.

The antenna should survive, but I will certainlly keep an eye on this one during any severe weather or ice storms.