ARRL Centennial Points Challenge

All year I have been participating in the ARRL Centennial Operation by working the W1AW/* portable stations, and other stations that are worth centennial points.  I also was a portable station myself as a W1AW/4 Virginia in October. I had set forth at least two goals at the beginning of the year. First was to achieve a Worked All States award including only W1AW portable stations, and to work all territories for extra endorsements to augment the WAS award. During the Centennial celebration year, the ARRL also had a point challenge with a four tier level of achievement. The levels of participation achievement are 1,000, 3000, 7,500 and 15,000 points, calculated on the combined point value of all stations contacted and confirmed through the Logbook of the World. ARRL members are worth 1 point each, and the ARRL President is worth 300 points, the highest point value available.

I had not really anticipated participating in the point challenge, as I was more focused on achieving worked all states before the Centennial celebration completed on December 31, 2014. I completed my WAS effort a few weeks ago with final operation in Delaware being the final state I had to work.  However, a few days ago I was looking at my paltry score of just 5,100 points. I asked myself, if it was possible to take it to the next level in such a short period of time?

 I began monitoring the DX cluster looking for additional W1AW portable stations to work for points, and for high point ARRL officials to log as well.  I worked many stations in the first few day and easily surpassed 7,500 points.  My new goal is to achieve the top level of 15,000 points. I checked my standings today, and currently have over 14,000 points.  It's been a fun year, I hope ham radio activity remains just as fun for 2015...73.