Danny Boy...the tubes are calling...

We'll not exactly - Hi Hi.  However, I have decided to expand my small collection of vintage ham radio equipment.  Recently, a friend offered a few pieces of non-working Drake 4 line gear to me at a reasonable price.  I already own a vintage Drake L-4B amplifier that I recently refurbished.  Therefore, the additional Drake 4 line items easily fit into my collection. For those that are not familiar with the Drake 4 line. These are popular transceivers and equipment from the 70's, and are Vacuum Tube based designs.

The pieces I acquired are two TR4C SSB transceivers, a MS4/AC4 speaker/power supply, and a RV4/AC4 remote VFO/Power supply.  At some point in the future, I plan to restore this gear and hopefully have two functioning Drake 4 line stations. Replacement part availability is surprisingly good because of continued high interest in this quality USA produced amateur gear.