I've been altering my station for the past two years, seeking improvement in operability and modernization, while retaining a bit of nostalgia operating.  I believe I am nearing a plateau period in regard to my station equipment.  Previously, I began assembling a vintage Drake 4-Line station to use by acquiring a pair of non-operating TR4C's.  I now have a complete operational Drake station consisting of a TR4C transceiver, RV-4 remote VFO, AC-4 power supply, and L-4B amplifier (photo below).  Unfortunately, one of the TR4C's I acquired was in such poor condition, repair was not feasible.  I donated that radio for parts to Ron Baker, WB4HFN.

Recently, I also added a fully optioned Yaesu FTDX-3000D to the station. The FTDX-3000D is one of Yaesu's most recent offerings and reports have been good. That rig will be dedicated to mostly digital modes of operation. It seems well suited to that task as it provides built in decoding.  Moreover, it integrates well with the Ham Radio Deluxe software and DM780, the main control/logging/digital program suite used in the station.

In the immediate future, beyond operating I visualize that most of my efforts will be spent on antenna projects and additions to the station's operational aids.  Currently, I am assembling the components required to install an IF out jack in a Yaesu FTDX-9000MP and a Yaesu FT-1000mp Mark V. Tapping the intermediate frequency chain will facilitate the addition of a real time pan adaptor to those transceivers.  I've been experimenting with some of the improved RTL dongles from, and some of the freeware available from various sources.  That technology appears promising to suit my purposes.